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Pour la liberté économique
et la concurrence fiscale

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Pour la liberté économique et la concurrence fiscale

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Partenariat GIS-IREF

IREF members and friends now have a rare opportunity to stay in touch with a unique global network of experts thanks to our partnership with Geopolitical Intelligence Services AG (GIS) ; experts including former government ministers, advisors, high ranking civil servants including military, economists and leading scientists.

GIS was founded in 2011 by H.S.H. Prince Michael of Liechtenstein to provide business leaders, senior managers and policymakers with unbiased, scenario-based geopolitical forecasts to inform their strategic decision-making.

GIS, with its reliable information is complementary to IREF and can help family businesses as well as non-family businesses by bringing a realism that goes beyond ideologies and preferred conclusions – whether in economics, politics or international relations.

GIS Newsletter

GIS subscribers and friends now have a rare opportunity to stay in touch with a unique Institute for Research in Economic and Fiscal Issues.

IREF was founded in 2002 by representatives of the civil society coming from the academic and business world and willing to establish an efficient platform to investigate fiscal and taxation questions. As a matter of fact, taxation may be considered as a many-faceted issue and existing studies are mostly incomplete if not biased.

Nowadays IREF’s research interests are numerous and range from taxation to education, from public spending to housing, from health care to retirement. IREF seeks to create a starting place for thoughts and proposals about various economic policies. In order to achieve its goals. IREF’s experts are covering the European current events related to taxation and economic policy and you can find every week on our website their comments and analysis.

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